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im Kip and i want all dogs to be safe. i track the tag rnurderings

ay! hoos!


So, it’s here! I finally got to 2k!! :)

It’s been three months since I have gotten to 1k and now I’m here at the tip of the iceburg and I want to thank everyone because I love so many people here it’s just overwhelming. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was crying but I’m very happy I have gotten to this point with the help of a bunch of friends and nice ass people. I’m really thankful for everyone here to help me get to this goal and hopefully further in the future!! Thanks for sticking with me, it’s really an honor to have you all around, so thank you. :) <3

Also. I want to say my thanks to the best people in this world that one day I hopefully will get a chance to meet: 

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(Guys, guys, guyssssssss!! I love you all so much from the top and bottom of my heart. I’m very lucky to be all in this together with you because we have our head in the game, everyday of our lives. And it’s fabulous to think that we can reach the top of the world, together, together, together, everyone, x2.)

Thank you all so much!! I look forward to spending more time here with all of you!!

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(Please, please, please!!! Notify me if i missed you here! It’s 5 am and I’m working only with coffee and my half-closed eyelids. Also, if I didn’t add you here, don’t be sad you’re still wonderful!!!! And i love u.)

Rooster Teeth: A 10 Year Retrospective. [x]


my brother stuck plants to me today (12-07-14)






this is probably the most poetic sentence i have ever formed in my life tbh


im like 10% human and 90% RoosterTeeth 


5am on my way to school
please don’t self promote or remove the caption | may 2014

"What're you staying silent for?"


all abOARD the seamonkeys ship